paper anniversary gifts for her

75 unique ideas for paper anniversary gifts for her

Paper is seen as something cheap and plain, finding a gift made of it, that is unique, can be difficult. Because you want to make your anniversary special and give a gift that will remind her of your love, I prepared this list of awesome items to help you. My paper anniversary gifts recommendations will cover all needs and budget, from paper art to jewelry and keepsakes, I am sure that you will find something perfect for your wife!

Depending on where you live, paper is the traditional theme of your first or second wedding anniversary. Should you not find anything from the below list, do not hesitate to also look at the modern theme, gems or flowers associated with your anniversary.

Affiliate Disclosure: The products listed in this post are the fruits of my research and findings. I am not sponsored to display any of them here nor get any kind of payment for this selection. To support my work, I may get a commission if you purchase any recommendation through their dedicated link, at no extra cost for you.

1. First Year Together Scrapbook – from US$23

— By The Wee Loft

Paper anniversary scrapbook

This handmade scrapbook is perfect for a fully personalized gift. Yes, it will need some work from you to customize it with your photo, words and other cute items but for sure a gift she’ll love. If your wife is into scrapbooking, giving this book empty is another option for her to customize it with your own story.

The scrapbook has 40 pages and special customizations are available upon request. Shipped from the UK within 3 days.

2. Paper Flower Bouquet – from US$11

— By Cherlaan

Paper Anniversary Paper Flowers

A perfect gift that symbolized your 1st wedding anniversary. This beautiful paper flower bouquet is handmade and shipped with a gift box and a poem card.

Shipped from the UK, it’ll be ready for dispatch within 3 days.

3. Quote Art Print – from US$36

— By Minted

1st Anniversary Quote Art Print

Write any text, be it your vows or a poem, into this beautiful art print. Everything can be customized, from font to color and frame. A perfect gift to be displayed at home or the office, sometimes words are easier to write!

The purchase process includes a proofing step and will be shipped from the US.

4. Tiffany’s Paper Clip Bookmark – US$1500

— By Tiffany & Co

1st anniversary paper clip bookmark

An exclusive and luxury gift, this paper clip bookmark is entirely made of 18k gold. Yes, this is an expensive bookmark from Tiffany but don’t she deserve it?

5. Push Pin World Map – from US$80

–By Paper Ramma

wedding anniversary map

A great keepsake if you are a couple who love or plan to travel. With this push pin world map, you’ll be able to mark all the places you’ve been or want to go. The map can be personalized and includes unlimited proofing steps. Available in both paper and canvas, keep the latest for best results with push pins.

Shipped from the US within 3 days

6. A Magazine Subscription

— From

Magazine Subscription gift

Yes, magazines can be seen old-fashioned to some but, actually, most still like to read, and touch, a real paper magazine. Why not gift a subscription to her favorite magazine or a magazine of her interest? provides great deals on subscriptions for all types of magazines. Also, their category will help you find the perfect gift, in case you are not sure which edition to choose.

7. Wedding Dress Illustration – from US$68

— By My Art Space

Wedding Dress illustration Gift

The dress was probably your wedding centerpiece, especially for your wife. Why not immortalize it with this beautiful wedding dress sketch? The artist will need a few pictures of the dress and a couple of weeks to prepare the drawing.

Shipments are made from Spain so expect enough time if ordered from oversees.

8. Message in a bottle – from US$30

— By L&G Gifts and Goodies

Anniversary message in a bottle

Why not immortalize your wedding vows with this beautiful keepsake? This message in a bottle will contain your own words to be kept and cherish for years to come. Several charms are available and shipments are made from the US.

9. Papercut Art – from US$90

— By Parth Kothekar

Papercut Art First Anniversary

A very delicate piece of art for a delicate person, these papercuts items are 100% handmade with a surgical knife. Visit the artist store to discover all available design, I am sure you will find something your wife would love!

Available with or without frames, the shipment will be made from India.

10. Ethnic Quilling Art – from US$150

— By KA Emporium

quiling art paper anniversary

The artist provides pieces of art that are both original and beautiful. I strongly recommend you to visit her store if you are looking for unique, original and colorful items to be displayed.

Your orders will be shipped unframed from India

11. Vows Necklace – from US$67

— By Blureco

paper anniversary necklace

Make your wedding vows or first dance song last forever with this unique necklace. The jewelry features a custom size sterling silver chain and heart along with a paper bead that will include your own words. The bead is treated against moisture so your wife will keep it for years to come.

Shipped from the UK with a gift box.

12. Wall Art From RedBubble – from US$8

— From RedBubble

Wall Art Anniversary Gift

RedBubble specialized at printing work from artists onto any kind of material. They, therefore, provide great and uncommon wall art for every taste. If your wife is into designed stuff, or just likes beautiful things, head to RedBubble’s website to find your gift!

13. Custom Stationery – from US$65

— By Melissa Egan

custom stationery gift

A classic of paper anniversaries, stationery is a great gift for your wife if she likes to write or give gifts. Make sure that she is ready every time she needs to write for a special occasion. Do not hesitate to head to Minted for more personalized stationary, they do have great designs that can be customized in every way possible!

14. Wedding anniversary journal – from US$50

— By Charmbooks

Wedding anniversary journal

A perfect gift to remember all the wedding anniversaries to come! With this 64 pages wedding anniversary journal, you’ll be able to document each year spent together with souvenirs, photos, and keepsakes. The book can be personalized and include a validation step before shipment.

Your gift will be ready to ship from the US within 3 days

15. Gallery Wall – from US$149

— By Framebridge

gallery wall gift

When it comes to gallery walls, Framebridge provides an all-inclusive service. Great for decoration and memories, you’ll need only a few minutes to prepare the frames with your own pictures. Select a design, a style, upload your photos and Framebridge will take care of the rest.

Shipped from the US within a week

16. Adventure Together Print – from US$68

— By A Gier Design

anniversary wall art

Display your couple’s favorite spot with this original adventure together print. Pick any meaningful place for you and your significant other and enjoy this beautiful piece! Pretty much every detail can be personalized and a proofing step is included for you to validate the design.

Shipped from the US within a week

17. Just Paper Notebook – from US$7

first anniversary notebook

An excellent gift if you and your wife love to laugh. On top of being funny, this notebook is also useful to collect thought or to be used as an organizer.

18. Origami Necklace – from US$22

— By The Tiny Crane

paper necklace gift

Surprise your wife with this cute origami necklace so she can always wear something to remind your paper anniversary The seller has, also, other models available so do not hesitate to browse her shop!

Shipped from the UK within a couple of days

19. Paper Mache Couple Doll – from US$173

— By Jarillo Art and Craft

paper mache dolls

Personalize these pretty little paper dolls from your own pictures for a unique gift. Ensure that you sent the artist a full body picture so she can adapt the clothes of your doll too!

The artist will need a couple of weeks to create your dolls, make sure to plan ahead. Shipped from Spain.

20. Travel Ticket – from US$8

— By Simone MadeIt

travel tickets gift

Why not treat your wife with a surprise holiday? In that case, these unique print-at-home travel ticket would be a great way to offer your gift!

The ticket’s text can be customized by yourself and the file is available for download immediately after your purchase

21. Hand Drawn Portrait – from US$205

— By Selador Design

Portrait couple gift

Immortalize your couple with this hand drawn-portrait. Why not transform one of her favorite picture to a drawing? The artist will include you for every step of the creation to make sure you’ll get the perfect design!

Made in the US, the artist will need 2-3 weeks to finalize your order

22. Flow Book For Paper Lovers – from US$50

Paper book gift

If your wife is into crafts or scrapbooking, look no further. This book for paper lovers contains more than 300 pages of ideas, projects, and paper. The book is edited every year and can easily become a new favorite.

23. Personalized bookmark – from US$13

— By Boulevard Designs

Personalized bookmark

Customize your very own bookmark with your favorite wedding picture with this personalized bookmark. You can also add a text on the other side of the bookmark, perfect for a quote, vows or first dance lyrics.

Shipped from the US within a week

24. Paper Mache Sculpture – from US$140

— By Mad Hippo Art

Paper Mache Sculpture

Paper is a great anniversary theme for art lovers or design addicts. The sculptures from Mad Hippo Art are a great addition to a decoration and a very original paper themed gift. Do not hesitate to browse her shop to find something perfect for your wife.

25. Specialty Planner – from US$15

— By Practical Paper Co.

Specialty Planner

Help your wife track her progress or get organized with these journals and planners from Practical Paper. Chose from special interest such as fitness, faith or pregnancy and pick any design she would love.

26. Why I Love You Book – from US$50

— By LoveBook

Couple story book

One of my favorite, these storybooks from LoveBook will enumerate all the reasons why you love her. The awesomeness of this gift comes from the offered personalization: You can design your own little avatars to look just like you and design every page to perfectly stick to the story you want to tell.

27. Custom Sound Wave Art – from US$55

— By Colorelish

Sound Wave Art

Beautiful and mysterious, this sound wave art represents a stylish version of a song of your choice. A QR code on the center will play the song you chose, be it your first dance or your wife’s favorite! You can even just record a message with your own voice so your wife will be able to listen to your lovely words whenever she wants

28. Montblanc Augmented Paper – from US$1298

— By Montblanc

gift for productivity

Ally the power of technology with the tradition of paper with this augmented paper from Montblanc. With this writing set, your wife will be able to record and transfer all her notes and drawing directly to her computer or mobile. The app will convert note to editable numeric note for easy edition, archive or research.

A great tool for highly productive people that, also, bring a luxury touch, thanks to Montblanc’s branding. It comes with a Montblanc SkyWlaker ballpoint pen.

29. Wall Art From Wayfair – from US$16

— By Wayfair

wall art gift

If your wife is into interior design, Wayfair is a sure place to go for wall art. They do provide a lot of interesting designs and collections that will accommodate any taste, whether she needs to decorate your home or her office!

Shipped from the US.

30. Paper Flower Hat Box – from US$64

— By Paper Alchemy Studio

Flower Hat Box

Trendy flowers hatboxes are traditionally made of stabilized flowers that last up to a couple of years. With this paper flower hat box, your wife will keep it forever for her to remind of your paper anniversary.

Shipped from the UK within a couple of days

31. Origami Paper Boat Necklace – from US$34

— By A Summer Garden

origami necklace gift

While made of paper, this pretty little necklace represents something usually made of it. Made of 925 sterling silver, this gift will be a great anniversary keepsake for your wife.

Made in France, your necklace will be shipped within 3 days in a velvet gift box

32. Fine Writing Instrument

Pen gift ideas

A high-quality pen is both a luxury and a personal item, similar to a piece of jewelry. This makes a fine writing instrument a gift of choice for a paper anniversary. I wrote a full guide to help you chose the right pen, do not hesitate to check it!

You can find pens to engrave from Dayspring display a name, a date or a quote. Etsy is also a great place to find different engraving services.

33. A Year Of Dates – from US$34

— By A Year Of Dates

Date idea gift

Plan a whole year of dates with this romantic and funny gift. A year of dates contains 51 cards to help you organize a date every week. The cards are categorized by colors to easily accommodate your situation (for example, if you need to plan a babysitter or if you are on a budget).

Shipped from the UK within a couple of days

34. Couple Mosaic – from US$94

— By Atelier Mosaic

couple mozaic

Thanks to mobile phones, we all have a huge quantity of photos that we, unfortunately, tend to forget. Problem solved with this couple mosaic! The portrait is built from hundreds of your own pictures, a great and unique way to remember all of them!

The portrait is shipped from the US within a week and includes a validation step.

35. Personalized Journal – from US$16

— By Lehan Veenker

Personalized Journal  gift

Make it simple and personal with a personalized journal. Minted proposes an extensive range of notebook with a lot of custom options to apply. A great gift if your wife needs some type of organization or like journaling.

Why not add a beautiful engraved writing instrument for a complete gift?

36. A Year In Review Photobook – from US$13

— By SnapFish

photobook gift

Immortalize your first year of marriage with this photo book from Snapfish. Available in different sizes and bindings, its content can also be adjusted to your needs with text and other embellishments.

37. Toilet Paper – from US$6

toilet paper funny gift

Pretend that you had no ideas for a paper themed gift and that the only thing you could find is this toilet paper. Of course, keep this idea only if your wife can take a (good) joke and do not forget to hide your real gift …in the toilet!

38. A Book or Book Collection

book gift

A classic paper anniversary gift, a book or a book collection is always working. Just think about her interest in life or a book she always wanted to read and head to Google or Amazon for further research.

39. Paper Flowers In A Shadowbox – from US$32

— By Snarky Yet Sweet

paper flowers wall art

This paper flowers shadow box is a perfect decoration piece that will display your love using paper! The seller can prepare your box with different flowers color or a different text. Shipped from the US within a couple of weeks, all the flowers are handmade.

40. Heart Map – from US$40

— By Love To Art

keepsake wedding anniversary gift

Display the 3 most important places for your couple with this heart map. The above picture shows wedding, engagement and first date location but you are free to add the text you want. The seller proposes different types of frame, size or paper to truly create unique wall arts!

Shipped from the US within a week

41. Paperclip Necklace – from US$35

— By Sia Personalized

paperclip necklace

While this recommendation is not made of paper, I still think it is a wonderful gift idea. This paperclip necklace can have a date or a text engraved on its side, making it a great wedding anniversary keepsake. For a little more romance, get the necklace for you too!

Shipped from Turkey, the jewelry is available in different material and sizes

42. 12 Way To Say I Love You – from US$28

— By Jason Thompson

why i love you

Finding the right words to declare your love can, sometimes, be a little difficult. This gift idea will help you express it in 12 different ways. The little journal includes space for your own personalization like photo, text or keepsakes.

43. Paprcuts watch – from US$44

— By Paprcuts

Paprcuts watch

Yes, this is a watch made of paper, or more precisely, from Tyvek. Tyvek is a “magic” material that does look and feel like paper and allows unique design. Do not hesitate to browse Paprcuts website for more models, there are plenty to choose from!

44. Paper Basket

paper basket gift

Paper being quite inexpensive, it could be difficult to choose a gift that feels exclusive. The advantage of paper, though, is that it is very useful and can have many forms. Why not prepare, for your wife, a paper basket that includes all paper things that she needs? For example, you can get a book, a stationery set, a bouquet of paper flowers for the decoration and, why not, a roll of toilet paper for the joke part?

45. Date Night Box Set – from US$22

— By ARTAGIA Games

date night box set

This little game is ideal to spend a night together, just pick a card from one of the deck and perform the requested task. This date night box set includes 3 different decks that correspond to different “levels” of closeness you want to reach

46. Paper Flowers Kit – from US$18

— By Lia Griffith

Paper flower kit gift

If your wife is into craft and DIY, learning to make paper flowers is a must. Whether she likes to decorate interiors, gifts or tables, the art of paper flowers is a basic skill that she will learn from this paper flower kit.

The kit includes everything needed to build 12 roses as well as the instructions to make them. If you think she’ll want to go further, the exquisite book of paper flowers would be a great addition to the kit.

47. Couple Custom Portrait – from US$40

— By Discovering You!

Couple Custom Portrait

Surprise your loved one with this cute little portrait of your couple. The artist will process your drawing from your own photo within a few days. Other personalizations are available as well as an unlimited number of modifications.

Shipped from the US, you will also receive a file to print-at-home.

48. Paper Beads Necklace – from US$53

— By Muse Jewl

Paper Beads Necklace

Jewelry made of paper is rare enough to find its place on this list. The artist specialized in paper beads necklace, entirely made of old magazine and cardboard, do not hesitate to browse her shop to find more original paper made items.

Shipped from Australia, this gift would be perfect for a wife with a colorful look

49. Snapshot Photo Heart – from US$101

— By Minted

Snapshot Photo Heart

Keep and display your best memories with this beautiful photo Heart. Configure text and place your picture wherever you want with the easy-to-use Minted configurator. Several sizes and frames are available for full personalizations.

50. 5 Minutes Journal – from US$23

— By Intelligent Change

5 minutes journal

If your wife feels sometimes overwhelmed, journaling could be the solution to help fix the resulting anxiety. The 5 minutes journal is a great way to create a new daily writing habit, express gratitude and get organized.

The journal has enough pages to be used 5 minutes, twice per day, for 6 months.

51. Paper Art Portrait – from US$125

— By Chipola Studio

Paper Art Portrait

Beautiful, unique and personal, this 3D portrait is precisely cut, from your photos, using a machine. Make sure that you have good profile pictures of your wife for the magic to happen. The artist is based in Israel and will process your order within a week.

52. Homesick Library Candle – from US$30

— By Homesick

Homesick Library Candle

A perfect gift for book lovers or, in case she is working in a library (and miss being at work), this candle does smell books. I haven’t tested myself nor found reviews of people who tried this scent from Homesick, in case you tried it, please tell us what you think of its perfume!

53. Paper Bead Clock – from US$125

— By Shanny Beebo

Paper Bead Clock

Looking for something that is made of paper, unique, colorful and decorative? look no further. Shannon’s wonderful paper beads clocks do check all boxes and are, also, just made for you within 2-3 weeks.

Shipped from the US, the clock is coated with a glazed to last for years.

54. Love Is Art kit – from US$60

Love is art kit

This kit can be described as “Make love to make art” and includes non-toxic paint, a canvas, and a protective sheet, even slippers to reach the bathroom is provided. The only thing left for you is the mood to set and and be creative!

The love is art kit is delivered with black paint only, do not hesitate to add other body paint for a colorful piece of art.

55. Cavallini & Co Vintage Poster – from US$25

— By Cavallini & Co

Cavallini & Co Vintage Poster

Cavallini & Co specialized in vintage posters and paper Their products would be a great addition to your home or her office interior. Do not hesitate to browse their shop as they have a lot of different products and designs available.

56. First Edition or Rare Book

first edition book gift

Try to recall a book she told you about, a book with which she has a special bond. Maybe a story her father was reading her when she was little or a book she identifies to. Once you decided about the best book, you can find a rare or signed edition from ABE Books as they have one of the most extensive collections out there. Raptis Rare Books is also a good alternative and is worth checking.

57. Tickets To An Event

Tickets gift

Treat your wife with a ticket to that stage play she always wanted to see. Why not go to see this artist for which she’s the number 1 fan? There is plenty to do and, printing a ticket to an event would make a perfect paper anniversary gift!. Find ideas and browse by categories using TicketMaster, why not even combine an event with a weekend out of town?

58. Personalized Music Sheet – from US$52

— By Nelly’s Custom Art

personalized music sheet

A great addition to your home interior, this personalized music sheet can be built from your special song. Whether you select your wife’s favorite or your wedding first dance song, this romantic gift will for sure hit the mark!

Based in the UK, the seller includes a validation step before shipment.

59. Paper Carnations – from US$54

— By Origami Delight

Paper Carnations

Did you know that every wedding anniversary has, also, a flower theme? You may have guessed, this year’s flower theme is Carnations so why not a combination of both theme with these paper flowers?

Delivered in a set of 3, the artist specialized in all type of delicate Origami, do not hesitate to visit his boutique for more design and gift ideas. Shipped from France.

60. Couple’s sketch – from US$107

— By Oli Fine Art

Couple's sketch

A perfect paper anniversary gift, this couple’s portrait is 100% hand made by the artist, Olga. Several styles of painting can be applied to transform your photos into a unique gift, do not hesitate to browse Olga’s shop for more info.

Shipped from Italy and unlimited proofing steps are included

61. Wall Art From Fine Art America – from US$17

— From Fine Art America

Fine Art America specialized in connecting you to artists’work from all around the world. Their curated collections will be printed on many types of different support, including paper. Visit if your wife has any room or office to decorate, they offer plenty of unique and original designs that will fit any taste.

62. Personalized Notepad – from US$14

— By I Design That

personalized notepad

Simple but truly personal, this personalized notepad would be a great addition to a gift basket or a fine writing instrument. Based in the US, the seller specialized in all type of stationery, do not hesitate to visit their shop to complete your gift.

63. Photo Calendar – from US$

— By Meridyth Espinola

photo calendat

A photo calendar is a classic paper anniversary gift. The Minted configurator is a great and easy way to personalize your gift with pictures and text. You can even mark special dates such as birthdays and save them in their database to easily issue a new calendar every year.

64. Romantic Coupons – from US$14

— By Flytrap

love coupons

A real treat to your wife, this box contains 60 coupons for your wife to reclaim throughout the year. With this gift, your wife will be entitled to gifts, massage or other romantic attentions.

The seller has different themed coupon box, do not hesitate to browse their shop to find the perfect gift

65. Paper Jewelry Set – from US$159

— By Paper Anniversary Love

Paper Jewelry Set

Made of paper and real pearls, this jewelry set is classy, unique and makes another perfect 1st-anniversary gift. Shipped from the US the same day of your order, the set includes a nice gift box and a card

66. Our Moments Game – from US$19

— By Our Moments

Our moments game

A great gift to connect even more with your wife, this card game is perfect to plan ahead quality time. The box includes 100 cards that will help discover each other by answering simple questions.

67. Couple’s Bucket List – from US$26

— By Transient Books

Couple's Bucket List

You said yes for the rest of your life a year ago. Being, still, freshly married, you probably have a lot of ideas, project or travels you wish to accomplish. This couple’s bucket list is just here for that: spend some time together brainstorming and write down everything you wish to do for the rest of your life!

68. Paper Craft Class – from US$15

— From CreativeBug

paper craft class

If your wife is into DIY and crafts, a subscription to CreativeBug could be an awesome idea to develop her skills and knowledge. Collage, decor, painting, whatever the interest, CreativeBug has a lot covered into their courses. They provide a little as a 3-month subscription and a gift service too.

69. Personalized City Art – from US$300

Personalized City Art

A great keepsake as well as a beautiful piece of wall art, this personalized city art will display be a superb memory of your wedding day. Your names and, also, a date can be printed on selected cities from the seller.

70. Paper Strip Music Box – from US$35

— By K-Wud

Try to look at this seller’s shop to find a cute music box that plays her favorite song. K-Wud provides dozens of different boxes that all play famous romantic or animated films’ songs.

Shipped within a couple of days from Latvia

71. Personalized Photo Box – from US$34

— By LovinBox

Personalized Photo Box

A true surprise to your wife, this personalized photo box has 2 functions: It can be used to hide a small gift such as jewelry or gift card and, also contains 13 of your best photos. Once completely unfolded, the photo box will display all of your pictures and can be stuck onto a refrigerator, thanks to its magnetic side.

72. Vintage Location Paper – from US$82

— By Near & Dear Designs

Vintage Location Paper

Transform any of your special places into this beautiful vintage location poster. You can process your wedding place, a childhood your home or just a meaningful location for your couple. The rest of the poster can, also, be personalized with text.

Made in the US, the seller will need about a week to process your order and include a validation step.

73. Our Adventure Journal – from US$25

— By Custom Journals Designs

Our Adventure Journal

Being, still, a young married couple, there is plenty of adventure for both of you to come! Keep track of these adventures to come in this beautiful journal. The cover page can be personalized with your names and different colors are available.

Shipped from the US within a week

74. Mini Quilling Heart – from US$18

— By With A Quill And A Stitch

Mini Quilling Heart

This simple, but yet beautiful quilling heart is perfect to stand on a desk at work. A great keepsake for your wife to remember your love as well as this special date that is your wedding anniversary!

75. Desk Accessories – from US$12

— By Rifle Paper

Desk Accessories wedding anniversary gift

A great addition to a paper basket, or just because you are on a budget (this happen), a set of desk accessories could be a good idea for your paper gift. To find great items, do not hesitate to visit rifle paper for their colorful and original items

Anything else?

And you, what did you get for your wife? I want to build an awesome list to give you unique gifts ideas. If you feel that something is missing or if you have some great addition recommendation, do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, I’ll make sure to add them!

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