paper anniversary gift ideas for him

73 unique paper anniversary gift ideas for him

Whether this is your first or second wedding anniversary, finding paper gifts could be difficult. Everyone wants to find something unique and personal but, also, something that can be kept, used and admired for the years to come. With this in mind, I spent hours compiling 73 unique paper anniversary gift ideas for your husband that you will both love and cherish.
I tried to cover all possible tastes and needs going from personalized prints to paper art and, even, electronic accessories. If you feel that something is missing, do not hesitate to send me a message and I’ll make sure to consider editing my list.

This post is valid for both the first and second-year wedding anniversary (paper is the theme for the first year in the US while it is, sometimes, seen as the theme for the second year in the UK). If you cannot find any ideas from this post, do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll try to find something great for you and improve my page. Also, do not hesitate to look at the other theme for both the 1st year anniversary or 2nd year anniversary.

Affiliate Disclosure: The products listed in this post are the fruits of my research and findings. I am not sponsored to display any of them here nor get any kind of payment for this selection. To support my work, I may get a commission if you purchase any recommendation through their dedicated link, at no extra cost for you.

1. Personalized Comic Strip – from US$140

— By MakeMeAComic

Personalized Comic Strip For Him

This personalized comic strip from MakeMeAComic is a great idea for comics lovers or geeks. A true and unique gift to hang anywhere from a workplace to a bedroom.
The process to build the strip is quite straightforward :

  • Tell MakeMeAComic your story and provide pictures
  • You will receive a draft for approval by email
  • Once validated, you will receive a file to print yourself or chose to ship to you printed and framed. Even if based in the UK, they offer free shipping to US, CA, AU and NZ.

Starting at $140 with different sizes and quantity of panels to choose from.

2. Custom Robot Portrait – from US$69

— By Demon Design

Custom Robot Portrait For Him

Another great personalized art piece to display anywhere. This cute Robot portrait from Debmon Design will definitely bring smiles!
Debbie will process your request within 1-2 weeks and personalized your drawing from pictures you send her. You can include animals, objects, peoples and, even, themes such as movies or songs!

Price starts at $69 and does not include framing.

3. Wall Art From RedBubble – from US$8

— From RedBubble

Wall Art From RedBubble For Him

Redbubble offers an uncommon but yet awesome printing service. A piece of wall art can be a great addition to a workspace, especially if you run out of time for a personalized gift.
Several categories going from photographic to canvas prints are available with or without a frame. I, therefore, recommend browsing their site to find the most suited print for your gift

4. Darth Vader Quilling Art – from US$94

— By WindCraft

Darth Vader Quilling Art For Him

This quilling art piece is a great addition to any Star Wars collector or lover like myself. My wife may hate Star Wars but I would love to receive one of these!
Every piece is unique and customization may be considered by the artist. The construction of your order can be followed live on Instagram and should take a couple of weeks to be completed.

5. Push Pin World Map – from US$84

— By PaperRamma

Push Pin World Map For Him

A great addition to heavy or wannabe travelers. This push pin world map captures all your past or future trips on this editable map. Once ordered, you will be assigned to a designer that will work the customization with you until you are satisfied with your purchase.
PaperRamma provides several sizes in both standard print or canvas. It is recommended to choose the canvas option in case you would like to pin the place you’ve been (sold separately).

6. Subscription To A Magazine

Subscription To A Magazine For Him

While old-fashion for some, a magazine subscription can be a great gift idea for people with a passion. It could, also, be a good idea for over-connected people to get their favorite’s monthly copy magazine.
To find ideas, head to where over a thousand magazines are classified by category and interest. also offer great deals and discount on popular issues by provided “over-printed” copies.

7. A Family Print Story – from US$43

— By PeachiePieDesign

A Family Print Story For Him

This cute hand-drawn calligraphy is completely personalized to look like your couple. It follows your couple’s story using cute little drawings. Just send Abigail, from PeachiePieDesign, a photo and the details you would like to be shown and you will receive a unique gift to be displayed anywhere.
Your design will be shipped within 1-2 weeks from the UK and does not include the frame.

8. Message In A Bottle – from US$30

— By L&G Gifts and Goodies

Message In A Bottle For Him

This little keepsake includes a quote, a poem or a note of your choice containing up to 150 characters. 6 different charms, as well as 5 fonts, can be chosen from. Good if you are running out of time, the bottle will be shipped within 2 days from the US and include a gift bag.
A great gift, from L&G Gifts and Goodies, to keep safely your words, especially if you plan a retreat to an isolated island.

9. Personalized Weekly Planner – from US$26

— By Ester Nersisyan

Personalized Weekly Planner For Him

A planner is a perfect gift if your husband needs some organization, or if he is old-fashioned. If you are not sure if a planner is the right gift, a custom notebook can also do the job.
This personalized planner from Ester Nersisyan has an editable cover and can include, inside, pictures and quotes from your choice.
To make this gift even more personal, you can already pre-fill it with meaningful dates and lovely reminders to your husband.

In case you do not like the above design, Minted has a wide range of personalized planner available, do not hesitate to browse their website!

10. Japanese Calligraphy – from US$48

— By Licca

Japanese Calligraphy For Him

No matter your husband speaks the language or not, a real and beautiful Japanese calligraphy has always a special effect once on display. While the calligraphy shown above means “love”, the artist can customize your own request within 1-2 weeks.
All pieces are handmade and shipped from Canada without a frame. If you never could afford this trip to Japan you always dream of, bring some piece of Japan home!

11. reMarkable Paper Tablet – from US$598

–By reMarkable

reMarkable Paper Tablet For Him

Well, this one is not really made of paper but is intended to replace it. This paper tablet from reMarkable has a special screen that simulates the feeling of writing on paper. A perfect gift for productivity addicts!
The device comes loaded with features and can convert handwritten notes to typed text. A great option for any office workers or if your husband cannot live without his computer.

12. Naughty And Romantic Game – from US$39

— By Joyful Couple

Naughty And Romantic Game For Him

This bundle includes 2 games to play and is all about spending quality and hot times together. A great idea to keep exploring your couple’s sexuality and romance. The product’s pictures show some examples of cards included in the game so do not hesitate to browse and check if this gift fits your boundaries.
The seller, Joyful Couple, has 4 different types of games that can be sold in a bundle or separately with levels going from sweet and cute to kinky and naughty

13. Custom Stationery – from US$50

— By Anna Elder

Custom Stationery For Him

This custom stationery from Anna Elder can be personalized at many levels from colors to back pictures or, even, paper shape and type. If a little old-fashioned, stationary can still be useful for independent workers or special occasions. You can also get this gift for your husband to write you love letters for the years to come!

Beautiful stationery is also a great addition to a writing set including an elegant pen

14. Paperplane Cufflinks – from US$102

— By FoldIT Creations

Paperplane Cufflinks For Him

While not actually made of paper, this gift from FoldIT Creations represents something that is usually made of it. These beautiful cufflinks are both elegant and fun at the same time. Silver-plated, this gift is a unique idea for your husband to be kept for the years to come.
Good point: your gift will be shipped within 1-3 days from Canada, great in case you are running late.

15. Star Wars Layered Paper Art – from US$49

— By MYPaperPirates

Star Wars Layered Paper Art For Him

Another great Star Wars wall art (I know…but I love them) with this 3D layered paper piece. If you are not happy with this design or not in love with Star Wars, the seller, MYpaperPirates, has other designs available. They can even quote you a unique and customized design 3D layered art piece. 

The print is shipped with their own shadow box so it is ready to hang in your bedroom once you receive it

16. Adventure Together Print – from US$68

— By A Gier Design

Adventure Together Print For Him

This unique printed gift displayed 4 maps of cities of your choice. A perfect gift to remind, with an original twist, 4 important locations for your couple such as the places you live, met, first kissed or married.
The seller, AGierDesign, provides optional framing services and up to 3 revisions to ensure the print matches your wish.

17. Just Paper Notebook – from US$7

Just Paper Notebook For Him

Perfect for a good laugh, this notebook fits perfectly a paper anniversary gift. Make sure he will love it and, maybe, prepare another side gift to save the day. An elegant fine writing instrument would do this great addition to this joke gift?

18. Wall Art From FineArtAmerica – from US$17

— From Fine Arte America

Wall Art From FineArtAmerica For Him

FineArtAmerica provides art printed on pretty much anything. If your husband likes beautiful designs or has some room for a beautiful print, do not hesitate to browse their site to find a unique piece of art.
FineArtEmarica will ship your order within 2-3 business days from one of their 14 facilities located across the globe.

19. Paper Mache Couple Doll – from US$173

— By Jarillo Art and Craft

Paper Mache Couple Doll For Him

Those little dolls will be made from pictures provided to the artist. A great idea for home or office decoration but to be avoided if any of you are into voodoo.
Jarillo Art and craft, based in Spain, will need about 2 weeks to process your order.

20. Travel Ticket – US$8

— By Simone MadeIt

Travel Ticket For Him

Perfect if you want to organize a surprise trip with your husband, this print at home ticket is fully editable from your own computer. An additional ticket sleeve is sold separately for US$2 to be printed and folded home.
The seller has a huge range of different ticket so do not hesitate to browse her boutique to find the perfect match for you

21. Hand Drawn Portrait – from US$205

— By Selador Design

Hand Drawn Portrait For Him

Why not reproduce one of his favorite pictures or an iconic picture of your wedding day? Selador Design specialized in hand-drawn portrait and will just do that for you from pictures your provide her. In case your husband has already a picture of your couple hang somewhere, why not replace it with an upgraded version with this drawing?
Selador Design will first provide a pencil sketch for you to check and adjust before adding ink and colors to your drawing. The process should take between 2 and 3 weeks but greatly depend on your request for adjustment.

22. Where The Heart Is – from US$24

— By Annie Clark

Where The Heart Is For Him

This art print, from Annie Clark, displays coordinate of your choice. Pick a special place like your home or where your wedding took place and find its coordinate with Type these coordinates directly in the editor to make the magic happen.
The print comes in different sizes with or without frame and will definitely give a mysterious touch to the interior or your husband’s office.

23. Plantable Paper Bookmark – from US$24

— By Recycle Ideas

Plantable Paper Bookmark For Him

The best gift of my list but only if your husband is both a book and gardening lover. This bundle is made of 20 bookmarks that, once used, can be planted to give either flowers or herbs. Recycle Ideas will ship your order from the US within a week

24. Paper Planes Hat

— By Paper Planes

Paperplane Hat For Him

This hat, from Paper Planes, would be a perfect addition to any hat collector or Jay-Z fan. If you like the design but not sure a hat is a good gift, do not hesitate to browse their shop for other clothes

25. Banksy Quilling Art – US$40

— By Agusi Art

Banksy Quilling Art For Him

This lovely quilling Banksy’s “the girl with the balloon” is hand made for each order and shipped from Poland. A more than perfect gift if your husband is into street art or simply because you love it.
Shipments are made will be processed within a couple of weeks by Agusi Art

26. Why I Love You Book – from US$50

— By LoveBook

Why I Love You Book For Him

A truly personal gift, this “Why I love you book” represent your story and display all the reason why you love him. The book is configured in 3 steps:

  • Design your characters. You can define anything from haircut to skin color. You characters will then appear throughout the whole book
  • Design the cover page. Chose from title, design, and fonts
  • Chose and customize every page with your own characters to reflect your own personal history

Shipped from the US, their express service will deliver the book at your door within 1 week

27. Paprcut Watch – from US$44

— By Paprcut

Paprcut Watch For Him

This watch from Paprcut is made of Tyvek®, a material that looks and feels like paper. Lightweight, waterproof and totally cool, this gift idea is truly unique for fashion, geeks and watch lovers.
Paprcut provides a lot of different cool design, do not hesitate to browse their site to find the perfect model for your husband

28. Montblanc Augmented Paper – from US$1298

— By Montblanc

Montblanc Augmented Paper For Him

A true luxury and useful gift for your husband. This Montblanc augmented paper will transfer everything you write or draw from the notebook to your computer or mobile. The app will also convert all the manuscript notes into numeric editable text for easy search and archive.
The set comes with a StarWalker ballpoint pen, one of the finest writing instrument around

29. Wall Art From Wayfair – from US$16

— From Wayfair

Wall Art From Wayfair For Him

Wayfair has an impressive collection of wall art for all different kind of price. They do provide collections too, which is interesting in case your husband has a room to decorate.
Everything is shipped from the US so take into account shipping time in case you are located abroad

30. Synesthesia Art – from US$45

— By Sigourney Young

Synesthesia Art For Him

According to Wikipedia, Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. For example, some may feel being touched when hearing some songs and some others can feel some tastes when hearing certain words.

This being said, Sigourney Young, the artist behind this Synesthesia art, can see colors when hearing music. You only have to provide the name of a special song and she will use Spotify for the magic to take place.

Each piece will be shipped with a certificate of authenticity and a handwritten note that describes the highlights of the experience felt by the author.

31. Vows Star Wars Print – from US$79

— By Honeycomb Proverbs

Vows Star Wars Print For Him

Another great piece of art that ally both the fun of Star Wars and romance. The print is actually made from your own word, whether it is your wedding vows, a poem, a song or, why not, your own words.
Honeycomb Proverbs has a lot of different similar gifts, do not hesitate to browse their shop for more ideas. Shipped from the US within 3-5 days

32. Fine Writing Instrument

Fine Writing Instrument For Him

Often an overlooked gift, a beautiful pen is actually a perfect gift for many. Most people never thought that they need a fine writing instrument until the own one.
Since a pen is very personal, it is quite important to choose the right one for your husband. I wrote a dedicated guide to pens to help you chose the right gift and, also, recommend the best instruments out there.

If you feel a little lazy to find the perfect pen, or want something that you can engrave, try Dayspring pens, They offer only great pens!

33. A Year Of Dates – from US$34

— By A Year Of Dates

A Year Of Dates For Him

This box contains 52 envelopes, one for each week, with date ideas. Perfect to plan a full year ahead of sweet surprises and romantic activities.
To fit anyone, a color categorized version is also available, perfect for parents or couples on a budget!

A Year Of Dates has a lot of different boxes available, do not hesitate to browse their shop to find the best gift for your husband

34. Couple Mosaic – from US$94

— By Atelier Mosaic

Couple Mosaic For Him

This mosaic gift is actually made from your own pictures, a truly romantic gesture and keepsake for your husband. You will need to send your main picture along with 200-1000 extra ones. Atelier Mosaic will then rebuild your main photograph all these pictures sent.
Shipments are made within 3 days from the US and include a validation step from your side before finalization.

35. Your Song As A Sound Wave – from US$35

— By Artsy Voice Print

Your Song As A Sound Wave For Him

This eye-catching art is made from a selected song of yours or, why not, a personal message to your husband. The print comes framed or unframed and a QR code card that can be used to play your song.
Artsy Voice Print will ship your art piece within 1-5 days from the US and provides a lot of different sound wave designs worth checking.

36. A Year In Review Photobook – from US$13

— By SnapFish

A Year In Review Photobook For Him

One of the classic paper anniversary gifts, this year in review book from SnapFish can be fully personalized. Needless to say, the content will be printed with your own pictures. Size, finishes as well as biding can also be customized
Your order can be delivered as fast as 4 days at your door if you select their Rush service

37. Toilet Paper – from US$6

Toilet Paper For Him

Obviously a joke gift, if your husband can take it! Just pretend you ran out of idea on this year’s theme and hide your “real” gift in the toilet for a perfect effect. Also, why not, add this paper toilet in your paper basket for a little “fun” part?

38. A Book

A book For Him

Another classic paper anniversary gift, a beautiful book is always a sure thing to give.
There are plenty of recommendations on the web so I won’t give any particular idea as to which book you should choose. Just think about a particular theme your husband loves such as gardening, travel, love and romance or personal organization and use Google or Amazon for a little help!

39. A Paperwallet – from US$25

— From Paperwallet

A Paper Wallet For Him

Paperwallet connects artists to printed Tyvek printed wallet. Tyvek is an amazing material that does look and feel like paper and allows the kind of art displayed above. A paper wallet is a designer piece that is both original and useful, so do not hesitate to browse their website for more design, they have plenty!

40. Heart Map – from US$40

— By Love To Art

Heart Map For Him

Another nice and original wall art, this heart map will display 3 important locations for your couple. Every detail can be personalized like the title, text, font, frame and even the type of material on which your design will be printed on. 

Love To Art includes a proofing step in their process before shipping, from the US, within a couple of weeks

41. Paperclip Necklace – from US$35

— By Sia Personalized

Paperclip Necklace For Him

This paperclip necklace is 100% handmade, by Sia personalized, and can be made of sterling silver or gold. There is some space to engrave something like your very special date or name.
A simple gift but yet beautiful and romantic, especially if bought in pair: one piece for you and another for your husband

42. 12 Ways To Say I Love You – from US$28

— By Jason Thompson

12 Ways To Say I Love You For Him

This little keepsake book finds 12 ways for you to express your love. Many free and empty space is also available to add your own pictures or notes.
Shipped from the US within 1 day if you select their express service

43. Old Or Vintage Magazine

Old Or Vintage Magazine For Him

Why not spend time finding an old edition from your husband’s favorite magazine? There is plenty of resources to find the perfect print or you can try those:

44. Paper Basket

Paper Basket For Him

Paper being pretty inexpensive, why not mix up several small items made of paper? Here are some ideas:

  • A beautiful card
  • A roll of toilet paper (for the fun!)
  • A notebook
  • A personalized calendar
  • A personalized wall art
  • A book

To make your gift fully themed, why not craft your own basket made of paper?

45. Date Night Box Set – from US$22

— By ARTAGIA Games

Date Night Box Set For Him

An easy game to spend a romantic night together. Just pick a card and answer the question or perform the task. The game has 3 different decks with each one getting hotter. Just pick the right one according to your mood or simply mix things up for a funny, romantic and hot date night!

46. Moleskine Smart Writing Ellipse – from US$199

— By Moleskine

Moleskine Smart Writing Ellipse For Him

This writing set, from the well-known notebook supplier Moleskine, is a cheaper version of the Montblanc augmented paper. Simply use the provided tablet, pen and notebook for your notes or drawing and synchronize the output to your mobile device. This gift will ally both paper and digital worlds!
A great gift idea if your husband spend hours in meetings or in his paper notebook

47. Couple Custom Portrait – from US$40

— By Discovering You!

Couple Custom Portrait For Him

This little cute portrait is perfect to replace a photo on an office desk. On top of being super-fast, 3 to 5 days at your door, the artist can customize your drawing with up to 15 people or pets, great if you are a zoo owner…
Shipped from the US, the order process includes as many proofing steps that you need.

48. Calligraphy Print – from US$35

— By World of Words

Calligraphy Print For Him

Choose from 4 calligraphy styles with this awesome piece of art from World of Words. Select up to 20 words from your preferred quote, your first dance song or from your own word and you’ll receive your personalized order by email.
Your calligraphy will be sent within 5-8 days, some extra time should be expected on your side to print and frame it

49. Personalized Calendar – from US$29

— By Eric Clegg

Personalized Calendar For Him

A classic paper gift for your wedding anniversary, this calendar is fully editable and can include up to 3 photos per month. Using Minted easy to use configurator, add you best themed or souvenir photo, modify them live and tada!
A great feature with this calendar is that you can add custom text for any day of the year. Perfect for lovely messages throughout the year or important date reminders.

50. Vows Cufflinks – from US$79

— By Paper Anniversary Love

Vows Cufflinks For Him

Classy, romantic and fully personal, these cufflinks will each display a different text of your choice like. Chose a poem or, even better, your wedding wows!
The seller will ship your order under an extra speedy couple of days from the US and includes a keepsake box.

51. Newspaper From Wedding Day- from US$55

— By

Newspaper From Wedding Day For Him

A great keepsake from your wedding day, only you’ll get it 1 year later! A great idea if your husband is a news addict. Just select the desired newspaper from the desired date and, if not available, AnyDate will propose available alternatives.
Several options are possible such as a gift box or personalized cover.

52. Homesick Library Candle – from US$30

— By Homesick

Homesick Library Candle For Him

To be kept for book real enthusiast, this library scented candle will deliver its paper perfume for 60-80 hours through the room.
A perfect gift if your husband has been homesick from being locked up in a library for years or just for a good laugh!

53. Paper Clock – US$47

— By Mi Gira La Celesta

Paper Clock For Him

This clock is entirely handmade except for the clock mechanism, of colored paper by hand from Italian designer Irene Albergo. The artist has other designs and colors available so do not hesitate to check her shop online and can even make a custom colored clock for your loved one.
The clock mechanism is totally silent and, therefore, can be installed in a bedroom

54. Love Is Art Kit – US$60

Love Is Art Kit For Him

How to better describe this product than “make art in the bedroom” or, as advertised, “Make Art Not War”. The kit includes everything needed to create your very personal piece of love art: a plastic sheet, canvas, paint slippers and body scrub.
While not strictly made of paper, the canvas is made of cotton, I couldn’t resist displaying this romantic and original gift. After all, paper and cotton anniversary are inverted between the US and the UK, just use that excuse to get that gift (or, do you really need an excuse ?)

Love Is Art  Set For Him

55. Cavallini & Co Vintage Poster – from US$25

–By Cavallini & Co

Cavallini & Co Vintage Poster For Him

Cavallini & Co offers a vintage printing service that would give this little retro touch to any room. You can browse their shop for more ideas but I chose to display this map as it is a classic, perfect for an office or a class, in case your husband is a teacher.

56. First Edition Or Rare Book

First Edition Or Rare Book For Him

One of the most exclusive and beautiful gifts of my list, a rare book will need a little search on your side. Indeed, you want to make sure that the book has a special meaning to him and is not just a random item.
There is plenty of options to find a good rare book online but you can start ABE Books as they have an impressive database of items. Raptis Rare Books is another great resource that is worth checking.

57. Tickets To An Event

Tickets To An Event For Him

Why not organize a big day out to a sporting event, a concert, theater or, even, an art exhibition?
If you do not know where to start, is a great place to start as they millions of tickets worldwide for any type of event. You can easily filter events by category in your city to find the best options for you and your husband

58. Personalized Music Sheet – from US$52

— By Nelly’s Custom Art

Personalized Music Sheet For Him

Whether your husband loves music or design, this wall art will do a great gift! The process is pretty straightforward: Just give your song and message and you should receive a proof for validation within a couple of days.
The seller, Nelly’s Custom Art, ships internationally from the UK and plenty of size and shape are available to order.

59. Wedding Invitation Tie Bar – from US$79

— By Paper Anniversary Love

Wedding Invitation Tie Bar  For Him

Being married for a few years now, I still have a couple of our wedding invitations lying around that we just keep as a keepsake. Why not, with this gift, transform one of these old invitations into a beautiful tie bar or cufflinks?
Once your invitation is received by the seller, Paper Anniversary Love, will ship your cufflinks within a couple of days.

60. Couple’s Sketch – from US$107

— By Oli Fine Art

Couple's Sketch for him

Transform any of your wedding photos into a truly personalized keepsake with this sketch-style drawing. The artist proposes a wide range of sizes and all her paintings are 100% hand-made. No computers are used in the process except to exchange the pictures you would like to transform.

61. Quote Art Print – from US$150

— By Minted

Quote Art Print For Him

Fully editable, this quote art print is great to display your words, whether from a poem, a book, a song or your wedding wows!
The text is available in 3 different types of foil and a wide range of frames can be chosen from. A simple, but very elegant, wall art from Minted!

62. The SELF Journal – US$38

— By BestSelf

The SELF Journal For Him

A must-have for productivity freaks, this journal, from BestSelf, is all about achieving goals. A perfect gift if your husband has some projects ongoing. For weight loss, work achievement or increasing performances, this journaling system brings a very effective framework to archive them all!
The SELF journal plans for 13 weeks and can be purchased by the piece or under a subscription for which you’ll receive a blank journal every 11 weeks.

63. Framed Rice Paper Art – from US$149

— By World Market

Framed Rice Paper Art From World Market For Him

This very graphic art, from World Market, is hand made with rice paper. While I think their design is not “manly”, it can please so most delicate and would fit a design interior or office.
Do not hesitate to visit the shop as several designs are available.

64. Funny Coupons – from US$15

— By Flytrap

Funny Coupons For Him

Once given, these coupons will entitle your husband to benefits 60 favors from you. I chose to display the “Sex coupons” because, well, this is probably your husband’s number one interest. There is, in fact, plenty of other themes to choose from (date nights, pamper me, kinky, etc).
Flytrap shop displays some coupons example so you know what you will be dealing with. The boxes are shipped from the US within 0-3 days.

65. Styled Wedding Date – from US$24

— By Baumbirdy

Styled Wedding Date For Him

Display your special date with this beautifully designed piece of art. You’ll be able to edit the date, size, font, color, and frame from the easy to use Minted configurator.
A perfect gift for a bedroom or a working place, the print will be shipped from the US by Baumbirdy.

66. Our Moments Game – from US$19

— By Our Moments

Our Moments Game For Him

Keep learning about your significant other with this little game. All boxes include 100 question cards that will keep you talking for hours. No matter how long you have been together, this game will help you to get even closer.
Some cards examples:

  • What things make you sad as a parent and as a spouse?
  • What was the best kiss of your entire life?
  • Have you ever fantasized about changing your first name?

The manufacturer, Our moments, has other games available, do not hesitate to browse their shop!

67. Couple’s Bucket List – from US$26

— By Transient Books

Couple's Bucket List For Him

Your wedding being still fresh, this gift is a perfect notebook to write down your dreams as a couple. Different designs and customizations are available from the seller shop, do not hesitate to take a look.
Your bucket list will be shipped from the US within a couple of weeks

68. Toilet Paper Holder – from US$29

Toilet Paper Holder For Him

A funny gift, but one that can be useful too, this toilet paper holder has a tablet that can accommodate a mobile. A perfect gift if your husband often mistakes office with toilet!

69. Personalized City Art – from US$300

Personalized City Art For Him

A true personalized, and beautiful, gift if your husband, or your couple, have any favorite city part of the artist catalog. The customization, with your name and date, adds a unique touch to something that looks like a genuine vintage print.
This great wall decor will be shipped from the US about 2 weeks after proof approval

70. Paperclip Cufflinks – US$24

— By Sologemelos

Paperclip Cufflinks For Him

Original and elegant, these cufflinks are a perfect paper gift that is actually not made of paper. These unique accessories are handmade in Spain and are usually shipped within a day by Sologemelos.

71. Personalized Journal – from US$16

— By Shari Margolin

Personalized Journal For Him

If you feel that your husband needs a little organization, this product from Shari Margolin will get him what he needs. You can choose between a journal or a planner layout and customize the cover and interior with your own pictures using Minted configurator.

72. Vintage Location Posters – from US$82

— By Near & Dear Designs

Vintage Location Posters For Him

This print is a great keepsake: send the artist a picture of your wedding place or a favorite vacation spot along with the text you would like to display and you’ll receive your details transformed into a vintage poster.
The seller, Near & Dear Designs, will ship your wall art within a week from the US and the service include a proof validation.

73. Star Wars 3D Personalized Art – from US$35

— By Shadow Prism

Star Wars 3D Personalized Art For Him

I couldn’t resist recommending another Star Wars art for this last item. 2 designs are available and customization such as names, dates, and quotes can be added. Your 3D paper art will be shipped from the US within a week by Shadow Prism.
Pick up a movie famous romantic quote for the perfect effect gift!

Something missing?

I want to build amazing lists for you to give amazing gifts. If you feel that I miss a recommendation do not hesitate to share it with me and I’ll consider adding it!

Also, do not hesitate to let me know if you couldn’t find anything above, I’ll try my best to cover everyone’s needs!

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