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Welcome to my website! Browsing through it, you should find my best recommendations and ideas about gifts for your wedding anniversary be it the 1st or the 50th.

this special smile a gift can bring

I will remember the first gift I offered my girlfriend as a teenager: a piece of navel jewelry for a piercing she just had. At 15 years old and no income, I had to save for quite some time to buy the most expensive piece I could find and afford at that time, a silver butterfly.

When giving her my gift I could see and feel straight away that she did not like it, how disappointed I was, especially after saving my pocket money for so long. I proposed her to go back to the jewelry shop for an exchange and she gladly accepted it, so we sent to the shop together so she could pick the one she liked. To my surprise, the one she chose was the cheapest.

On that day I understood the difference between giving a gift you like to someone with giving a gift that your loved one will like. From that particular day, I always tried my best to find the best possible gifts and learn to love the feeling of seeing that particular smile on the ones receiving it.

Find the best gift ideas idea for your spouse

When it comes to wedding anniversary gifts, the tradition requires giving special “themed” gifts such as wood on the 5th anniversary or silk on the 12th year anniversary.

Making that special smile appear on your companion’s face could be difficult as it needs to match both the theme of your anniversary year and the person’s taste that you intended giving it to. The aim of this website is, therefore, giving everyone the best ideas for a wedding anniversary gift or, even, just a gift idea for your loved one.

bring that particular smile

I hope that my findings and propositions will help any you to get the best gift idea for a wedding anniversary and that you will bring that particular smile to your better half.

If you ever need a hand or have a question, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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