4th year wedding anniversary

4 year wedding anniversary – The complete guide

You probably have your way of celebrating your wedding anniversary, but, you may want to find new ideas. Or, maybe this year’s theme does not ring a bell. If this is the case, my 4 year wedding anniversary – The complete guide aims to give you all the information, and options, to organize the best possible celebration.

This guide will cover everything, from gifts, both traditional and modern, to colors, gems, and flowers. I will also help you find travel ideas, quotes and tips to make it really special.

This year’s themes are different between the US and the UK but feel free to list the tradition that talks to you the more, Down the road, even if you live in Commonwealth, why not follow the American tradition?

When researching for this post, I came across a lot of difference for this particular year so do not hesitate to read my first post to see how I decided to compile my lists. Also, do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section, I’ll make sure to consider and update my content.

US Traditional 4th wedding anniversary

4th wedding anniversary

With silk and linen, there are 2 sub-themes this year. Since silk is again the 12th anniversary’s theme, you may want to stick to linen for this 4th anniversary. Of course, you can also have silk for both your 4th and 12th wedding, the final goal being bringing smiles! Silk is also criticized for its production process that requires to kill the larvae that produce the fiber, if you are sensitive to it, just swap to another theme or chose an artificial or organic silk fiber.

The silk, who made its way from China through the famous silk road is associated with wealth and success, something I hope you reached in your marriage. It is also said that, if a woman dreams about silk, she is happy about her love life.

Linen is made of organic fibers, which make a great alternative for those sensitive to animal conditions. Linen is usually associated with light, purity and wealth.

Linen and silk anniversary gift ideas

  • A silk negligee or pajama
  • Silk pillowcase
  • Silk scarf
  • Linen bed sheets
  • A silk tie
  • Satin lingerie
Linen and silk anniversary gift ideas

Linen and silk anniversary travel ideas

  • Silk Road: Take a trip to full way or just pick any country along the way: China, Japan, Iran, Turkey or India

Linen and silk anniversary activity ideas

  • Silk painting class

Linen and silk anniversary quotes

My mother was right: When you’ve got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust. – Jane Birkin

Elegance is always in style for men. There are all different kinds of elegance. It can be silk, it can be a T-shirt.” – Donatella Versace

Silk does for the body what diamonds to for the hand – Oscar de la renta

From cane reeds, sugar. From a worm’s cocoon, silk. Be patient if you can, and from sour grapes will come something sweet. – Rumi

This is what I want. I want people to take care of me. I want them to force comfort upon me. I want the soft-pillow feeling that I associate with memories of being ill when I was younger, soft pillows and fresh linens and satin-edged blankets and hot chocolate. It’s not so much the comfort itself as knowing there’s someone who wants to take care of you. – Franny Billingsley

UK Traditional 4th wedding anniversary

This year UK’s theme, fruit and flowers may need to think a little bit out of the box. Of course, you may want to simply give a beautiful fruit basket and/or a bunch of rare flowers, but, why not, look for something more original? This is exactly what our list does :

4th year wedding anniversary

Fruit and flowers anniversary gift ideas

  • Rare fruit basket
  • Rare flowers
  • Paintings
  • Bottle of wine or alcohol made of fruit
  • Cloth with fruit or flower printing
  • A book about flowers or fruit

Fruit and flowers anniversary activity ideas

  • Go pick fruit and/or flowers in a farm
  • Organize a picnic
  • Wine tasting tour or class
  • Eat a chocolate fondue

Fruit and flowers anniversary quotes

The fruit of faith is love – Mother Teresa

A grape was made to grow on a vine

An apple was made to grow on a tree

As sure as there are stars above,

I know, I know

You were made for me – Sam Cooke

Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow. – John Lennon

Modern 4th wedding anniversary

This year’s modern theme refers to appliances, especially electrical appliances. It should be quite easy, in the 21st century, to pick up a gift.

Just think about what would give pleasure to your loved one, what would just make his/her life easier? If you see nothing, my picks should help

Appliance anniversary gift ideas

  • Robot vacuum
  • Iron station
  • Coffee machine
  • milk foamer
  • Food processor

Appliance anniversary activity ideas

  • A cooking class
  • Do something that he/she usually does around the house and do it

4th wedding anniversary gemstone

Topaz comes in a lot of different colors but this year’s gem is given: blue! Blue Topaz is one the most common topaz that can be found, contrary to the imperial Topaz, the 23rd-anniversary gemstone. The fact that blue topaz is easy to find is because most of these gems found are treated to make colorless topaz becomes blue. If you want to find a real blue topaz, the price tag will be a lot higher.

4th wedding gemstone

Topaz is usually said to be a sign of love and affection and is often believed to help the expression of our feelings

Blue Topaz anniversary gift ideas

  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Rings
  • the gem itself

Blue Topaz anniversary travel ideas

  • Switzerland or England: Since 2 famous kind of blue topaz are called “Swiss” or “London”, why not treat yourself and head to Switzerland or England?

4th wedding anniversary flowers

Common to many wedding anniversaries, there are 2 types of flowers to choose from this year: Geranium or Hydrangea. Both flowers are not very “sexy” in their meanings so we gotta chose the colors very carefully.

4th anniversary flower

The Germanium is usually associated with foolishness and melancholy but, also, ingenuity and true friendship. If you want to give germanium for your wedding anniversary, pick the right color for the right symbolization :

  • Pink Geranium: Symbolize love and romance. Used in love spells and potions
  • White Geranium: Associated with purity and innocence. Repel snakes if planted around the house
  • Red Geranium: Symbolize love and passion.

Hydrangeas are usually associated with an understanding between people or gratitude. On the negative side, Hydrangeas are seen as a sign of apology, vanity and boastfulness. Again, to make sure that you pick the right signification, follow the colors. Unfortunately, there is only pink that is right for hydrangeas for their meanings of romance and heartfelt feelings.

Other colors of hydrangeas such as white, blue and purple should be avoided for their negative meanings

4th wedding anniversary color

This year’s color, lime green, is a type of bright green shade. There is no particular meaning to the lime green so let’s build up a signification from the green.

4th wedding color

The green can be seen as a color of balance and harmony. It is associated with spring, nature, and growth. To me, lime green, with its brightness, makes me see the sunshine, happiness, and a little craziness. It makes me see myself when I was a young adult, beginning of the summer season with its party and festivals.

When it comes back to your 4th wedding anniversary, lime green is a great association: After 4 years, your relationship can be seen in harmony and balanced but not yet mature, like the spring. There is, also, this touch of craziness and fun in a 4th-year marriage,

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