2nd year wedding anniversary gift ideas

2nd year wedding anniversary – the complete guide

While still fresh, 2 years of marriage makes you no longer a “rookie”. You already celebrated your first year anniversary and are now planning your 2nd year wedding anniversary by knowing what is expected from your other half: something fancy or simple? something with the family or in the intimacy of the couple? You pretty much know the answers to these questions.

Still, you may lack ideas or want to make this date a really special date, our “2nd year wedding anniversary – the complete guide” will help you plan the best possible celebration. Same as last year, I’ll cover gifts, ideas, explanation, flower, colors and more, so keep digging into the article if you want to learn more about the second year wedding anniversary traditions.

If you are looking for history and a complete list of wedding anniversary themes, do not hesitate to consult my first post

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US Traditional 2nd wedding anniversary

This year’s theme, cotton, shares the same properties to marriage as last year’s paper. Both are flexible and fragile. Exception made is that cotton is even stronger, which probably reflects what happened during the past 2 years: maybe the first storms already hit your couple but you survived and this only made you only stronger.

2nd wedding anniversary cotton gifts

After 2 years of marriage, you can still be considered as a young couple. The cotton, by its color, still reflects the purity and perfection of your union.

When given enough time and attention, the cotton can become rope, something very strong that can tie and hold pretty much anything, even your marriage!

Cotton anniversary gift ideas

  • Clothing: bathrobe, scarf, gloves, etc
  • Personalized cushions
  • Cotton flowers

Cotton anniversary activity ideas

  • We often say that the clouds look like cotton, why not organize a Skydiving experience if your couple is a bit on the crazy side
  • As long as your bedding is made of cotton, why not spend the day in the bed. Make breakfast, spend time reviewing your past and plan future or…anything else
  • A day at the SPA and spend it resting in their cotton bathrobe
  • Plan a cotton club night, either home or not, suit up, and listen to good music
2nd wedding anniversary activities

Cotton anniversary quotes

I wasn’t born to love you, but I will die loving you – Tommy Cotton

UK Traditional 2nd wedding anniversary

This year’s theme, for the UK, is paper, we can find a couple of symbolizations into it :

  • Your 2nd year’s wedding is still new and fresh, it can be seen as paper, flexible and fragile
  • You still have your whole marriage ahead of you, same as a blank paper sheet, you have your whole story to write

Paper anniversary gift ideas

  • Tickets for a concert, a sporting event or a travel
  • A rare book
  • A couple diary
  • A fine writing instrument
  • A couple photo book
  • Subscription to favorite magazine or newspaper
  • A painting or drawing
paper anniversary gift ideas

Paper anniversary travel ideas

  • Egypt: Follow the history of a very old and well-known paper: the papyrus. If you are not into history, just use the papyrus as an excuse and head to Egypt’s best beaches.
  • Germany: Gutenberg, inventor of printing was German. Full of history and fun, Germany is a great country to visit for both young and older couples

Paper anniversary activity ideas

  • A treasure hunt using lovely paper notes
  • Play some romantic card game
  • Take a papercraft class

Paper anniversary quotes

“Love is not written on paper, for paper can be erased.

Nor is it etched on stone, for stone can be broken.

But it is inscribed on a heart and there it shall remain forever.” –  Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi

Modern 2nd wedding anniversary

I will repeat myself but I am not fond of the Modern tradition when it comes to wedding anniversary as there is pretty much no symbolism other than consumerism. On top of that, the traditional wedding list, compared to the Modern, is a bit more timeless in my opinion. Nevertheless, it is part of our couple’s life so here we go: this year’s modern theme is China.

2nd wedding anniversary China gifts

China, also called porcelain, is a ceramic material mainly used for tableware and ornaments. Its origins lay in China before being spread to Europe and, then, to the rest of the world. There are 2 main types of porcelain: “fine china” and “bone China”. It is important to note for the ones who would like to avoid animal made products that bone China is made of cow bone ashes.

Bone China is a process that has been invented in England to compete for Chinese imports. This new process, on top of bringing a particular color to porcelain, has also a higher price tag.

When thinking about China and pottery in general, my first thoughts are the one of my grandmother’s kitchen and living room: full of useless “dust catcher”. I am sure a lot of you think the same so I will make my best to correct this bias against porcelain when listing my best gifts ideas.

China anniversary gift ideas

  • Teapot
  • Espresso set
  • Tableware set

China anniversary travel ideas

  • China: This is where the porcelain is coming from. China being huge, there is plenty to see and do, from the busy cities on the east to the west and the Himalayan mountains.

China anniversary activity ideas

  • Visit a porcelain manufacturer
  • Learn how to paint on porcelain

2nd wedding anniversary gemstone

This year’s gemstone is the Garnet. The Garnet is a relatively inexpensive semiprecious gemstone that is usually dark red but can also be found in any type of color with the exception of blue. Same as most gemstones, Garnet’s price depends on color and size and its price can range from 20-30USD up to 100’000USD.

2nd wedding anniversary gemstone

Due to its traditional red color, the garnet is usually associated with heart, inner fire and love. There are a lot of legend around garnets, the most interesting for us here is its meaning from old Greece, for which the garnet was associated with eternity.

Garnet anniversary gift ideas

  • Rings
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Engraved stone

Garnet anniversary travel ideas

  • Czech republic: Garnets from Bohemia, an area west of the Czech Republic, were the most famous during the Victoria-era. As of today, you may not want to spend your holiday in a Garnet mine, but Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is still a romantic and exciting city.

2nd wedding anniversary flowers

This year wedding anniversary has 2 flowers, the Lily of the Valley which seems to be more popular in the UK and Cosmos for the US.

2nd wedding anniversary flower

Lily of the valley is a flower with a lot of Legend and folklore. It is used in many celebrations around the world and is even the national flower of Finland. In wedding tradition, lily of the valley is the fifth item to be brought by the bride along with something new, new, borrowed and blue. In Netherland, newlyweds usually plant lily of the valley around their house as a sign of “return of happiness”. If looking back to our wedding anniversary, the lily of the valley symbolize humility and purity.

Cosmos flowers mean “beautifully arranged” and are usually seen as flowers that represent joy, deep love. Since Cosmos comes in many types of colors, try to avoid yellow cosmos as it is a sign of slighted love. A red Cosmos, associated with love is perfect or, even better as it is the 2nd year wedding color, go for white Cosmos, a sign of pure love and a sign you will always be faithful in your relationship.

2nd wedding anniversary color

2 colors to chose from on this second anniversary: the linen white and the Red.

The red, the traditional color of love is a great color to demonstrate your feelings to your better half and can be combined with this year’s flower, the Cosmos.

Red has many meaning going from anger to love and passion and can be interpreted differently by several cultures like the Chinese were the color red is seen as a sign of good luck.

2nd wedding anniversary color

Linen white is a little more tricky to use. As an off-white color, the white linen can be easily confused with Ivory, old lace or Antique white. I am not sure if linen white has a meaning, if any of you have an idea, do not hesitate to leave me a comment.

As usual, I am always open to ideas and suggestions to improve my lists and content, so do not hesitate to send me a comment and I’ll make sure to review and reply!

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